In a world where our clients are dealing with ever more complex logistic problems, Koninklijke Saan wants to grow by being the specialist in the niches in which we operate. We do this by continuously innovating in a reliable, socially involved and responsible manner.

Client ambition

The ambition of Koninklijke Saan is to offer her business relations the optimal solution in terms of transport and/or logistics in an efficient, safe and friendly manner. This ambition originates from the core values of Koninklijke Saan.

The employee is of central importance to the professional performance of Koninklijke Saan. This is what sets us apart from our competition. Since our employees represent us, we ask them to demonstrate a problem-solving attitude, be customer-friendly, flexible and committed.

Koninklijke Saan is a pioneering company in terms of industrial relocations, crane hire, removals, archive management, traffic controllers, event logistics and training. These specialisms are divided into separate business units, but forces can also be joined and combined with any expertise or activities necessary.

Everything is executed with the help of excellent equipment and tools and is supported by modern automation systems. To us, quality and safety are inextricably linked: in order to provide the highest quality we observe strict procedures, especially in terms of safety. Moreover, Koninklijke Saan can be reached 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Trade associations

Koninklijke Saan is a member of various trade associations, such as Vereniging Verticaal Transport (association vertical transport), Transport en Logistiek Nederland (transport and logistics Netherlands) and SAVAM.

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