Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility means that, apart from aiming for economic and social profit, the effects which the activities of the enterprises have on the environment are taken into account and also that the companies are not blind to human aspects. A balance between these principles leads to better results for both the company and society.

CSR by Koninklijke Saan

Of course Koninklijke Saan ensures that corporate management observes Dutch legislation, but it does not end there. Through sound management Saan aims to contribute to society and reduce the pressure on the environment as much as possible.

Benefits for our clients

Clients of Koninklijke Saan can count on thorough, socially responsible and sound advice at a reasonable price.

Benefits for our employees

Employees of Saan can count on good and safe working conditions. Saan improves their skills by means of training and offers equal opportunities, regardless of sex, age or origin. More information about CSR by Saan can be found on the pages about durability and the project Mokum Mariteam.
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