Industrial Relocations

Koninklijke Saan has dozens of years of experience with regard to industrial relocations. Industrial relocations are not just about entire corporate relocations or factory relocations; Saan also has great expertise in removing fragile and valuable artefacts or transporting and installing medical equipment. We also have many years of experience in event logistics (the coordination and execution of theatre tours).
In short, from coordination to execution: your industrial relocation can safely be left in the capable hands of Saan’s professionals. Click on the pictures below for more information about Industrial Relocations.

Exceptional transport  

exceptional specialised transport

Museum relocations 

museum relocations

Machine relocations 

machine removals

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event logistics

Corporate relocations  

corporate relocations



From special transports to entire corporate relocations
Whether it concerns transport of fragile and delicate objects, or entire corporate relocations: the employees of Koninklijke Saan treat your industrial relocation with the greatest care. Exceptional transports, machine relocations, museum relocations, event logistics, transport and installation of escalators and lifts, supply of test weights, these hardly even begin to cover everything we have to offer. On these pages you can read more about our industrial relocations.
Some projects carried out by Saan Industrial Relocations

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International turnkey relocation of a Boeing Chinook CH-47 helicopter

Turnkey relocation Chinook helicopterInternational turnkey relocation of a Boeing Chinook CH-47 helicopter

Koninklijke Saan Tilburg organised this logistic complex relocation of a Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter, specially prepared for maintenance training sessions, and 8 containers with instruction material of the American training center in Wilmington, Delaware to the Rotary Wing Training Centre (RWTC) in Rijen.

Turnkey relocation of PANalytical Eindhoven

turnkey relocation of PANalytical EindhovenTurnkey relocation of PANalytical Eindhoven

Saan relocated PANalytical Einhoven to a new building. Apart from the offices and the hundreds of equipment which needed to be relocated from the factory and laboratory, components and semi manufactured products needed to be relocated as well.

Relocation of NedTrain Componentenbedrijf Tilburg

Componentenbedrijf Tilburg relocated to the new industrial area Loven.Relocation of NedTrain Componentenbedrijf Tilburg

In the spring of 2011, the Componentenbedrijf Tilburg relocated from the centre of the city to the outskirts. For this complex industrial relocation they called in Koninklijke Saan.

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