Renovation of Amsterdam CSWE underground stations

  • Bouwlogistiek

Koninklijke Saan has been engaged by the main contractor CSWE to provide the transportation, storage and distribution of the construction and demolition equipment for the comprehensive renovation of the underground stations in Amsterdam. All the materials and equipment are being transported as much as possible by rail so as to disrupt the inner city as little as possible. These materials and equipment are being gathered and stored on and distributed from a shunting yard outside the city. Transportation by rail occurs at night and during a very restricted time. There are only 3.5 hours per night in which to deliver the goods to the underground stations.

CSWE engaged Saan to ensure the smooth operation of this logistical process. In the evenings, Saan manages the loading of the goods trains that travel on the underground network and during this night-time transportation work Saan’s employees ensure that the right materials are delivered to the right place.

  • Saan’s experience in diverse disciplines played a crucial part for CSWE in choosing Saan for this project. Saan is good at relocation and transportation and has a great deal of expertise in applying for permissions and exemptions. Moreover, Saan has wide logistics experience in the city of Amsterdam. Thanks to their interdisciplinary approach, Saan’s employees have a marked ability to contribute ideas. Thanks to their experience in the area of transportation, they also regularly apply their years of experience in relocation. So Saan’s employees arrive at clever solutions for various problems.
    Tasks carried out:

- Storage and management of construction materials
- Just-in-time delivery of materials to stations
- Installation of switchboxes, air ducts and cable reels 

    – Deployment of a site coordinator at the transhipment site
- Sorting out permissions and exemptions
- Providing the required ancillary equipment such as (mini) cranes, forklift trucks, work platforms, support feet and the like
- Deployment of a project supervisor

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