Installation of 9.4 Tesla MRI on Maastricht Health Campus

With its worldwide pioneering solutions Siemens Healthcare Nederland B.V. contributes to making healthcare better, faster and more efficient. Innovative technologies for medical imaging, treatment and laboratory diagnostics allow doctors to detect illnesses at an early stage and to make possible earlier and better treatment.

On behalf of Siemens Healthcare, Saan installed a 9.4 Tesla MRI scanner at Brains Unlimited, a part of the Maastricht Health Campus. This MRI scanner was brought inside with the aid of a crane and a gantry crane.

  • The Siemens 9.4 Tesla weighs 50 tonnes and Koninklijke Saan carefully lifted this special scanner and set it down expertly with a 220-tonne mobile crane. With this crane the scanner was also precisely positioned beneath the gantry crane in the Brains Unlimited building. Then with the help of the Saan 100-tonne gantry crane the scanner was lifted, rolled inside and placed by Saan’s machine handlers in a steel cage structure weighing 620 tonnes, after which the Siemens technicians could install it.
    This installation was the fourth of this type of MRI scanner delivered by Siemens in the world. There are already two installed in German research centres in Tübingen and Jülich and the third is in Chicago. The 9.4 Tesla in Maastricht is used by Brains Unlimited for scientific research into human behaviour and common (brain) diseases. This MRI scanner has an ultra-strong magnetic field of 9.4 tesla.

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