Kissing Couple XXXL – Relocating Art

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Saan has moved a ten-metre tall version of the famous Delftware depiction called the ‘Kissing Couple’ to Amsterdam and placed it at the Hempontplein. Before the relocation, the boy and girl, at a joint weight of 6700 kilos, could be found in Hoofddorp, where ‘the biggest love pair of the Netherlands’ were conceived and built by artist Saske van der Eerden, in collaboration with BRIGHT UP. A special relocation of art!

10 metres tall
Using two truck-mounted cranes, the pair has been loaded onto Saan’s flatbed trailers. The enormous statues are almost 10 metres tall (around 3 stories high) and as such, have been transported by road to their final destination using special transport. A telescopic crane and a team of Saan’s industrial movers were waiting at the final destination of this relocation of art, ready to lift the enormous statues in the proper position so the largest Kissing Couple of the Netherlands could be placed in this prominent spot.

Fun marker
The artwork is called Kissing Couple XXXL and is located at the Hempont between Amsterdam Westpoort (Port) and Zaanstad. The Kissing Couple is cute, world-famous and, among others, available as a 10 cm tall souvenir. After 6,5 months of building them, they’re almost 10 metres tall and make for a fun marker on the cycling route between Sloterdijk / Amsterdam-Centrum and Zaanstad, which is used by an increasing number of cyclists daily. The artwork gives the environment appeal and allows passers-by to share their happiness and love here.

Specific relocations
In addition to relocations in the food, medical and manufacturing industry, Saan is also experienced in relocating precious and fragile objects. For example, we transport works of art, from small and fragile to big and heavy, like this ‘Kissing Couple’. In a relocation of art like this one, it often concerns items of great value or even irreplaceable ones. So do you have to relocate an unusual object and do you want to feel safe leaving it a professional logistics service provider? Then contact Saan!

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