Construction logistics – NH Hotel Barbizon Palace

  • Bouwlogistiek

The main contractor Hillen & Roosen renovated the NH Hotel Barbizon Palace in Prins Hendrikkade in the centre of Amsterdam on behalf of the NH Hotel Group Benelux. Koninklijke Saan provided all the construction logistics, the organisation, delivery and removal of (construction) equipment from the central logistics site (hub) to the NH Hotel for this.

This 265-room hotel underwent thorough renovation over a period of six months from the end of December onwards. In addition to the renovation of all the corridors and the 265 hotel rooms, various installations were replaced or renovated. Because construction work in the heart of Amsterdam calls for tight logistical organisation, Hillen & Roosen called on Koninklijke Saan as a construction logistics expert. Together with all the subcontractors, a strict construction and transportation timetable was worked on in various lean sessions. Working with many different parties on a restricted construction site and with a fixed deadline calls for thinking ahead and doing what you say you’re going to do. Every subcontractor is in fact dependent on the progress made by the other construction partners.

  • Saan managed the receipt of all the equipment from various subcontractors on a daily basis. Using a ticket system, the subcontractors asked when they could deliver which equipment to the hub and they stated which materials belonged to which batch. A batch is a cluster of rooms into which the construction timetable was organised. Upon receipt, Saan inspected the equipment for damage and in terms of quantity. Everything was sorted by batch and delivered to the hotel by Saan from 16.00 onwards.
    The deliveries were made ‘just in time’ to ensure that there was not too much stock standing on the construction site or in corridors. Every subcontractor was obliged to use up its stock the following day. At the hotel, Saan used the external construction lift that gives access to the floors. After delivery of the construction equipment by batches, the empty trolleys were taken back so that these trolleys could be used again the next day.
    Saan was chosen by Hillen & Roosen because this contractor had already managed all the horizontal logistics for this client to its satisfaction. In addition, they considered synergies in terms of knowledge and experience, the available hub, (ancillary) equipment and flexibility that Saan offers. The right logistics timetable was crucial to the successful completion of this renovation project. So the available hub had to be used in an optimal manner to minimise disturbance to the surrounding area and to permit the work to progress without hindrance.

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