Construction logistics for glass roof for The Hague Central

  • Bouwlogistiek

A glass roof was installed at The Hague’s Central Station. Koninklijke Saan provided the construction logistics for this new roof for delegated clients Colt International and ProRail. Saan set up a temporary distribution centre in Delft to which suppliers delivered all the materials. From this distribution centre Saan transported the materials to two locations at The Hague Central for unloading and Saan also assisted with their assembly.

To cause as little disruption as possible to passengers, the loading and unloading had to be carried out both during the day and at night. Based on this assumption, they went looking for a flexible logistics partner and found it in Saan. A temporary distribution centre with two buildings was set up by Saan on the A4 in Delft. The suppliers delivered all the materials such as frames and glass to this distribution centre. For logistical reasons, these materials were stored according to a timetable supplied by Colt so that they were easy to reload and transport. Saan then delivered the materials to two different locations at The Hague Central Station for unloading there. Saan then immediately took the empty construction materials containers from the public transport terminal back to the distribution centre in Delft. This made the logistical process on and around the construction sites more efficient and sustainable.

  • The roof consists of large frames in which the glass panes were installed. To provide support, a Saan logistics employee assisted with the assembly of these frames. Saan also carried out the following tasks:

    – Formulation of a project approach
    – Setup of a distribution centre in Delft
    – Assistance with assembly at The Hague Central
    – Transportation Delft
    – The Hague
    – Unloading materials
    – Use of a truck and 2 flatbed trailers
    – Use of 3 forklift trucks with long forks (capacity 4 tonnes).

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