Construction logistics for VIA NoordZuidlijn

  • Bouwlogistiek

Koninklijke Saan is providing VIA NoordZuidlijn (North-South Line) with the entire construction logistics for both Visser & Smit Bouw itself and for its subcontractors. VIA is responsible on behalf of the municipality of Amsterdam for dismantling the North/South Line in our capital. For this purpose, Saan is providing a full team of staff and the warehousing and transportation and delivering all the specialist and ancillary equipment required.

This wide-ranging construction project sets many logistical challenges. The busy inner city of Amsterdam must suffer the minimum possible disruption as a result of the construction work, there are many subcontractors involved in the project and underground work often demands creative solutions and special equipment. In order to ensure that the entire logistical process stays on track, VIA NoordZuidlijn is subcontracting parts of the construction logistics to Koninklijke Saan.

  • VIA NoordZuidlijn has only one point of contact for all logistical issues. For this project Saan put together a team with a project leader, supervisors and logistics staff. Together they look after the timetable and the logistics tasks, maintain close contact with VIA and facilitate the logistics of the subcontractors involved. In addition to this logistics coordination, if required, Saan also produces lifting and safety plans.

    One important aspect of the service is the warehousing. Saan provides storage space and management for short and long periods for all construction materials including glass and durable goods such as measurement and control cabinets and communications equipment. The materials and equipment are delivered just in time with Saan equipment and moved internally to the right spot on the construction sites with the most suitable equipment and ancillary equipment such as cranes, minicranes, trucks with cranes, forklift trucks and gantry cranes. In addition, Saan also provides equipment to subcontractors working for VIA NoordZuidlijn.

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