Relocation of Norma’s high-tech factory and offices

Norma is a high-tech primary supplier that develops and builds complete mechatronic systems for its clients. Norma’s clients are global players in the field of innovative high-tech systems. Saan won the contract to relocate Norma to new company premises in Hengelo. This was a complex company relocation of the factory, offices, production lines and production areas to be delivered within one month.

The relocation from an old building to a new one was a complex operation and it was accepted and implemented on a one-to-one basis. The plan of approach and the combination of Koninklijke Saan and Yourtech turned out after a careful selection process to be decisive for Norma in choosing Saan.
During the relocation, some of the machines continued to be used in production since there was to be no hold-up in production as a result of the relocation. The layout of the new factory is completely different to that of the old one. The relocation of the production lines entailed a great deal of coordination and the timetable was amended daily to meet Norma’s requirements. Norma’s relocation succeeded within the specified period of one month with the minimum possible disruption. Various staff from all across Saan worked on this logistically complex contract so as to achieve the best possible solution for Norma.

Tasks carried out:
Preparation including production of internal and external timetable.
De-installation, transportation and installation of complex production equipment.
Coordination of various external suppliers (OEMs, installation companies etc.) during preparation and implementation.
Relocation of offices, machinery, raw materials, parts and work in progress.
Relocation of, among other things, plastics department, sawmill, measuring chamber, furnace area, assembly department, lamination department, riveting group and warehouse.

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