Cavex industrial relocation

Cavex, a manufacturer of dental equipment, relocated from the centre of Haarlem to a new building in the Waarderpolder. This complex industrial relocation consisted of production installations, offices and the other departments. Cavex’s production process is very complex. Everything in this relocation depended on halting production for as short a time as possible. So the complete relocation was implemented in a relatively short period. Despite the scale and complexity of the relocation, production was halted for only six to eight weeks.

Thanks to the good, well-supported project plan worked out in detail and the clear quotation, Cavex chose Saan for this relocation project. In the turnkey solution, the relocation was coordinated by Saan and its technical partner Yourtech was responsible for the dismantling and reconnection of the production lines. Three suppliers of Cavex’s machines were also involved.

  • All the parties involved collaborated under one contract, with Saan being ultimately responsible. The tasks consisted of the dismantling of production installations, loading, transportation and unloading of the parts including special transportation and the delivery, positioning and assembly of the relocated parts. There were regular project meetings with the subcontractors and the client so that everything could be coordinated in minute detail and the whole project could run with flexibility and within the specified period.

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