OC Verhulst and Saan shoulder the burden together

OC Verhulst develops, produces and imports innovative and sustainable systems and components for air conditioning management. OC Verhulst is part of Orange Climate and it supplies a wide range of customers in industry, healthcare and non-residential construction. From the perspectives of air and air-conditioning technology, cooling technology and measuring and control technology, the optimum solution for the customer and for the environment is sought again and again. This also led to the collaboration with Koninklijke Saan.

OC Verhulst found in Saan a logistics service provider that could operate as an extension to its own services. Verhulst’s customers no longer need to arrange their own internal transportation/handling. Saan literally takes care of the transportation/handling from the factory to the actual position within the building.

  • The customer has only one point of contact via OC Verhulst both for the delivery of the air conditioning system and for the transportation/handling and installation. The entire transport operation is in the hands of one party from A to Z, as a result of which there is, for example, less time spent by transporters toing and froing and so there is less waiting time. Saan’s machine transporters are used to working with other parties on site and they can give good assistance to OC Verhulst’s technical staff with the technical installation. The lead time for orders is therefore significantly shorter, the process runs more efficiently and in the end that gives OC Verhulst’s customers an interesting commercial advantage.

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