Storage, transportation and installation for Roche Diagnostics Nederland B.V.

Saan has already been working for Roche Diagnostics Nederland B.V. for a good 20 years. This manufacturer of diagnostic equipment has subcontracted its (temporary) storage and transportation to Saan since 1995. Saan employees also assist Roche’s employees with the installation of its delicate equipment.

The diagnostic equipment that Roche supplies to medical establishments such as hospital laboratories and blood banks is delivered to Saan a few weeks before dispatch by client reference number. Saan’s logistics staff inspect all the equipment upon receipt for damage and put the equipment into storage. Given that this is of course very delicate equipment, this is treated with the greatest care by Saan’s employees.

Saan receives from Roche in good time a summary of the delivery data and addresses by reference number, in which it is stated which equipment must be delivered to which medical establishment including delivery times and other instructions such as relevant telephone numbers and contact people. One day before dispatch, the logistics staff get everything relating to the requested reference number ready for transportation. Saan’s transporters deliver the equipment with their own materials and equipment right to the desired room in the hospital or laboratory.

Depending on the situation, the equipment is unpacked in Saan’s lorry or at the installation address. The packaging material is taken back after installation and offered by Saan to a recycling company. Saan’s employees assist Roche’s technicians who carry out the technical installation work including the positioning of the equipment.

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