Relocation of Brookx’s production site, offices and warehouse

Brookx supplies defence and industrial technology companies worldwide as an integrated full-service partner and supplier of customised high-end power electronics. Saan relocated the office, warehouse and production site of Brookx Company B.V. from Zoetermeer to a new building in The Hague.

In addition to the office workstations and the warehouse, the relocation also covered the assembly and production departments with their high-quality equipment and machinery. Given that Brookx’s new accommodation is on the 3rd floor, all the big machines and workbenches were lifted in via a roof hatch with a Saan crane. A good example of Saan’s complete logistics service. The relocation was carried out in one week, with the lifting work being concentrated in only one working day.

Brookx selected Saan for this relocation because of its experience with carrying out complex industrial relocations and the relocation of high-quality electronic equipment.

Brookx is carrying on its activities from a 1,000 m² office and production department including state-of-the-art SMT and ESS facilities. The new building was completely stripped out and converted so as to meet Brookx’s high standards.

One special feature worth mentioning is that the sculpture ‘Hoger Zij Uw Vlucht’ (May your flight be higher) (A. Termote) that was given as a gift by the staff on the 25th anniversary of the firm of Van Der Heem in 1951 was also relocated. The sculpture was lifted to the 3rd floor with a telecrane and it now stands in a prominent position in Brookx’s foyer.

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