Relocation of the PvdA party’s office in Amsterdam

The party’s office was accommodated in Herengracht in Amsterdam but this building no longer fitted this political party’s image or policy. So it was decided to relocate to temporary accommodation in Haarlemmerweg. The PvdA selected Saan Relocation as the relocation company. The Saan project leader organised and supported this relocation.

For the party office Saan relocated the entire contents of the office building including all the staff’s workstations. Saan also handled the disconnection of PCs and other equipment at the old location and connection at the new location. So everyone was able to get back to work in the new office without problems after the relocation.

Detailed plan of approach 

The Saan project leader first produced a plan of approach including an inventory list, a from-to list, a clear set of relocation instructions and a detailed schedule. In addition, the project leader supported the Facilities Services department with the formulation of the installation plan, the internal communication on all aspects of the relocation and the termination of the management contracts regarding the old building.

Totally unburdened

After completion of the relocation tasks, the old building was handed over broom clean by Saan’s relocators. The time from the preparation to and including the handover of the old building was about 6 weeks. The traffic dispensation for the closure of Herengracht restricted the relocation to only the mornings but the relocation was completed in 5 working days. The staff were totally unburdened so that they could carry on as far as possible with their normal work. Jan Blom, Director of the party’s office in Amsterdam, is very satisfied with the implementation of the relocation: “Jorien is an amazing project leader and he really took care of everything for us. They say what they do and they do what they say. Nothing is too much “.

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