Relocation of Zaans Medical Centre

The Zaans Medical Centre is based in Zaandam and is undergoing development. At the beginning of 2014 work was commenced on the construction of a new hospital right next to the old building. The new building is a compact, sustainable and flexible one and one totally ready for the future. This healthcare institution awarded the relocation contract to Saan.

There are of course a lot of aspects to consider when relocating a hospital. Patient care must be able to continue uninterrupted as far as possible. So you cannot even shut the building for a few days so as to complete the relocation at your own convenience. The relocation of the Zaans Medical Centre was therefore very carefully prepared and planned. The time for the relocation had to be as short as possible. It was decided to carry out the major relocation of offices, treatment rooms and a good 90 patients in one weekend. In the weeks prior to this, items that could be transferred earlier such as archives and medical equipment including an MRI scanner were relocated.

Almost all of Saan’s relocation staff were used for this relocation. Together with a large number of contract workers provided by fellow relocation companies and specialist temporary employment firms, the tasks were completed one after the other in one continuous period of 48 hours. The relocation teams were managed by the project leaders provided by Saan and by Saan’s foremen.

The relocation was carried out in January 2017. Usually a cold and wet period with a chance of frost and snow. In order to be able to relocate the patients and equipment whilst keeping them warm and dry, Saan provided a heated and dry access tunnel from the old building to the new one. The relocation was carried out within the time planned in advance and the patents suffered relatively little inconvenience in the transfer to the new accommodation.

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