Relocation of Tabor College Werenfridus

Tabor College Werenfridus is a secondary school for HAVO (secondary general advanced education), vocational and grammar school and two-language education in Hoorn. The school building is not a monument but it is iconic. So part of the old building is being demolished and a new part is being added on. The façade is being retained so as not to alter the appearance of the street. At the start of 2018, the new school building will be ready for use on the old familiar site.

During the autumn holiday, Koninklijke Saan completely rehoused the school from the old building at Keyzerstraat 1, Hoorn in a temporary location at Nieuwe Steen 2, Hoorn in only one week. The relocation consisted of all the furniture, safes, odds and ends, computers etc. of 1,200 pupils including 1,200 cycle racks. In addition, the contents of 60 classrooms with study areas, 20 offices, a media library and assembly halls were relocated.

Strict timetable

To ensure that everything was carried out as efficiently as possible, Saan Relocation decided to relocate everything with four removal lorries at the same time. Two loading teams were on hand to load up the lorries at the school building and two unloading teams were at the new location to install everything. On the Saturday the first relocators started with preparations so that the relocation could go full steam ahead from the Monday onwards. With a total of 26 relocators and about 25 lorry loads per day, by Thursday this relocation was already more or less completed. Only the last details had to be completed on the Friday.


This college wanted a guarantee beforehand that this relocation would be fully completed within one week. This was a complete success. After the autumn holiday, all the pupils were back at their desks at their temporary school location in Nieuwe Steen.


The unused items have been put into temporary storage by Saan. These items will remain in storage until the new building is ready and then they will be moved to the new building.

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